How 3 of the Most Sustainable Companies in the World Might Save It

How 3 of the Most Sustainable Companies in the World Might Save It

The problems surrounding the environment are substantial, and as such, they require big solutions. But while creating laws and regulations designed to protect the ecosystem are important, they are likely not enough to completely address the issue.

Because of this, it is essential for companies, people, and really the entire planet to start thinking of new ways to reverse the damage that has already been done and to establish fresh approaches to old ways of doing things. Despite the distressing statistics, there are several companies in the world right now that have committed themselves to sustainability and the pursuit of innovative eco-solutions.

According to a Toronto-based media company called Corporate Knights, there are many such companies out there that are getting the most out of their capital, carefully utilizing resources, and maximizing employee performance. Not only that, they do so while paying close attention to the environment.

The media company compiles an annual ranking based on data and publicly-disclosed information from a wide range of companies, all with a market cap upwards of $2 billion. Any company with that kind of financial power also has the distinct ability to implement real change. Corporate Knights evaluate companies using 12 key indicators, including areas of management, employment, and financials. Candidates must demonstrate a real ambition to make the world a better place, as well as some real efficacy in meeting these goals.

So, what does it take to make this impressive list? For companies, it means reevaluating their waste management strategies, energy use, emissions, water use, and financial sustainability. This includes compensation for employees and executives who meet (or exceed) sustainability expectations. In addition, companies are rated for the diversity of race and gender among employees, as well as their ability to take risks at being eco-conscious trendsetters.

  1. BMW

BMWFor this giant motor brand, sustainability is about shaping the future, both for the customer and the planet. The word success can mean a lot of different things in the capitalist world, and for companies looking to attain the distinction of being sustainable, that definition must include eco-consciousness.

With emissions and raw materials at the heart of the eco-debate, it has never been more important to set long-term sustainability goals for future vehicles. By focusing on the efficient use of resources, BMW is able to lower costs and waste at the same time. Additionally, it does so while offering the community a variety of products including plug-in, hybrid, and electric engine vehicles.

This goal obviously requires many strategies. Among the company’s best is its ability to rethink urban mobility by reducing CO2 emissions and focusing primarily on electric cars. Not only does this reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, but it has also skyrocketed BMW into the position of the world’s most sustainable company.

  1. Dassault Systemes

dassaultsystemslogoWhile some companies see the world as merely a place to earn profit, this French software company views it as a call for increased imagination, economic models, and scientific innovation. It sees the current era as one in which humanity must transition from a resource-based economy to an experience-based one in which the development of a product is just as important as how it is used. In this way, science and the economy go hand in hand, creating a new vision for how problems met with integrity can lead to money-saving solutions.

As a leader in sustainable innovation, Dassault Systemes creates digital technologies that allow cities to become more “intelligent” in the way they evolve with regards to waste management, construction, and existing ecosystems.

Its solutions have the unique ability to help people foresee the impact of their decisions and consequently allow room for necessary adjustments. In this way, its technologies have contributed to renewable energy efforts around wind, hydropower, solar, and sustainable mobility for the future.

  1. Outotec

Outotec logoProbably one of the most amazing examples of business consciousness, Outotec builds, maintains, and runs entire operations from the ground up while paying close attention to all elements of sustainability. This means helping customers understand where to find innovative solutions to waste issues, as well as educating them on how to work effectively with natural resources like water, minerals, and metals. By focusing on these precious elements of the Earth, Outotec provides global solutions for customers who are determined to leave behind a positive legacy.

Through helping people reduce their ecological and waste footprint, Outotec is able to cultivate operations that are naturally sustainable and eco-conscious. For example, one of their most powerful approaches to eco-conscious business is through a process called nutrient recycling.

Because the phosphorus-based fertilizers often used in agriculture today are not a renewable resource, many parts of the world have already become entirely dependent on imported goods. By combatting this shortage through technological innovations in recycling, Outotec can recover valuable nutrients and sell to them to producers that can, in turn, benefit society through their use. This is just one among many approaches that seeks to ensure a brighter future for the world through creative, eco-conscious solutions.

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